About the Book


Parenting Autism: Lighting the Way Forward is a, 112 page, resource tool specifically created to give parents, educators and caregivers the techniques, terminology, direction and instruction needed to confidently parent and support their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This book will teach parents and caregivers how to execute their own, personalized, home therapy plan. This book also serves as an introduction into the world of behavioural science and the techniques used to teach children with ASD. Included are the ideologies that will be used in the majority of therapy programs and schools.


Parents are the biggest, most important, but underutilized resource when it comes to autism therapy. This book is meant to enable parents and caregivers as their child's loving caretaker and therapist. This book is not meant to replace therapy or other programs but to be an education tool to enhance the abilities of parents and those involved in the child's care. Autism therapies have boundless benefits but are often out of reach financially for many families and publicly funded programs have lengthy waiting lists. This feeling of helplessness and anxiousness causes considerable strain on parents and families. This book provides tools and advice on how to deliver therapy at home to your child, giving parents and care providers back a sense of control because they no longer have to wait for anyone else to start therapy. If and when your child does get a spot in a program you will already have gained so much knowledge about specific behaviours, techniques and ideologies. You will be informed and be able to work alongside your child's therapists and teachers. If your child is already in therapy or school this book is a great tool to help parents understand and reinforce the learning happening during the day.


Parents and caregivers and/or family members of children diagnosed with ASD or other behavioural issues. This book is relevant and helpful to all types of scenarios including: a child newly diagnosed with ASD, a child on a waitlist for services, a child currently enrolled in public/private therapy, a child already enrolled in school or a child without a formal diagnosis that is exhibiting challenging behaviours.


Parenting Autism: Lighting the Way Forward is meant to be used as a pocket book of sorts and a reference guide. It’s meant to be written in and have ear marked pages. It’s small enough to fit easily into a handbag, diaper bag or backpack. The great thing about this book is you can use it simply to familiarize yourself with terminology or as a step by step guide on how to create your own home therapy plan. Read through the book at your leisure and introduce any new techniques as they become necessary for your child and household. This book is filled with real life examples of behaviours that children with ASD often exhibit and how to work to change those behaviours. Parents are bombarded with information and oftentimes they just want real life solutions to their child's most challenging behaviours so simply look up which behaviours specifically pertain to you.