World Pandemic

With more and more restrictions to travel, work and everyday life many families are having to make do at home. For some this is the most extended time they have ever had with their families that was not because of a vacation or holiday.

What do we do with all of this sudden free time with limited access to the outside world? Why not take this opportunity to get you family into a a firm household routine, even just for keeping everyone's sanity. It will provide everyone with predicability and structure during this uncertain time. 

Keep learning a priority. Start by asking your children what they would like to learn in the next few weeks? Have some ideas to offer if they are having trouble thinking of something. Some ideas might include, learning cursive, memorizing multiplication tables, tying shoelaces, telling time on an analog clock etc...these are always handy skills to have.

If you have a child with special needs, how about taking the time to get those visual schedules done, set some household goals (from now on we will eat at the table as a family, we will all read together every night, we will spend 10 minutes doing yoga everyday etc.), spend the time teaching a skill your child is stuck on (putting on boots, brushing teeth, holding your hand while walking to the park etc.). Just because the world has stopped doesn't mean your child's learning needs to stop. When the world resumes its chaos maybe your home will become a little bit less so.

Here are some other tips to keep cabin fever at bay:

1. Limit screen time. Designate a time for movies and computer use. 

2. Exercise and make time to get outside. 

3. Play all the board games that have been collecting dust in closets.

4. Make it a priority to call family members everyday, especially, grandparents.

5. Crack open that craft drawer.

6. Make your meals together.

7. Have a dance party.

8. Make time for school work everyday.

9. Reconnect, rest and relax.

10. Get your spring cleaning done.

11. Try out new recipes.

12. Read. 

13. Start a family meditation practice.

Take this opportunity to do all those things you wish you had time for and all those things you wish you could be doing at home instead of being stuck at work. For our overworked, overstressed and overwhlemed population this just might be the reset everyone needs. Make the most of it because, with any luck, this will never happen again!

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